How to Take Credit Card Payments in TallySheet

Taking Credit Card payments in TallySheet is a partnership with WePay and Chase. You’ll be able to take credit cards easily, knowing that you have the security of the largest bank in the United States. Here’s how to accept credit cards within TallySheet.


Step 1:

Tap the Credit Card icon on the bottom of the TallySheet home screen. If you are already in the midst of your event and you are on the event checkout page, you can tap “Accept Credit Cards” underneath the History option.

Step 2:

Create or Log in to your WePay account. If this is the first time you are using WePay, then you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your email. Make sure to do this as it is one of our fraud protection measures.

Step 3:

Once you have confirmed your account, you will see that your name will show up where it used to say “Accept Credit Cards”

Step 4:

You’re ready to take payments! It’s time to checkout, select the central green Checkout button and choose whose items are being sold. Then you can add in their total and add it to the cart.

Step 5:

Feel free to add another item from one or more sellers at this point if you’re selling multiple items from a number of sellers.

Step 6:

Choose “Collect Money” on the bottom left of the screen, and you’ll see your collection methods. The second, “Credit Card” option also shows what the convenience fee will be for the person checking out with a Credit Card.

Step 7:

Next you’ll see a two step screen asking for the buyer’s Credit Card information, and then a confirmation screen for check out.

Step 8:

You can even add in their email address if they would like an emailed receipt of the purchase. 

Step 9:

Lastly you hit confirm. There you have it, you’ve taken a payment in TallySheet! 

We appreciate the opportunity to make your next sale painless.

Thank you for using TallySheet, the garage cash register app.

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  • tina savoie said : How long does it take to get your money from we pay September 29, 2019 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : It is the same day if you have a Chase account or 2 days for ACH deposits to non-Chase accounts. December 31, 2019 | Reply
  • Faith said : Do you offer a reader that can be used instead of entering the card information by hand? October 12, 2019 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : Not yet, we are working on a scanning feature first on our roadmap. We hope to offer a reader in the future. December 31, 2019 | Reply
  • Andreya said : Once a buyer pays with their credit card, how do you get the money ? Do you connect your bank account ? And if the buyer buys multiple items that belong to more than one seller , does the app distribute the money to the sellers accounts accordingly ? October 26, 2019 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : The money gets transferred to your bank account via ACH or a check can be sent. This is part of the setup process once you confirm your Chase Integrated Payments, Powered by Wepay account. December 31, 2019 | Reply
  • Bailey said : How does Tally Sheet make their money? Is there a percentage taken off from the profit? Or is a fee automatically incurred at the time of payment? Or something else entirely? December 27, 2019 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : For credit cards, our current business model is to pass the service fee to the buyers. Processing credit cards is free to the TallySheet event organizer. December 31, 2019 | Reply