How do I track a product swap between two sellers?

There are times during a sale when you want to trade items with between sellers either by trading items or taking money out of starter cash.  In these cases, it is really simple to record these types of transactions.  Here are how to record these transactions.

Step 1: Touch the Checkout button on the Home tab.

Step 2: Choose the seller who is selling the item.

Step 3: Enter the amount of being paid for the item and add it to the cart.

Step 4: Touch the “Add More” link on the cart page.

Step 5: Select the seller who will receive the item.

Step 6: Enter the amount of the item and then touch the “+/-” button on the number pad.  Then touch “Add to Cart”.

Step 7: You will now see the cart representing the swap.  Touch “Collect” and then complete the checkout.

That’s it.  We have recorded transaction and update the reports.

You can see the swap transaction in the Transaction History.  It will show up in gray as a $0 transaction.

Touch the transaction and you will see the details.

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