How do I invite people to be cashiers at my garage sale?

Multi-family garage sales are very common.  A key reason why you run a multi-family garage sale is because you can use one garage and have more inventory.  This attracts more customers.  Let’s be honest though, it is fun to run a garage sale with your friends!   When you use TallySheet, it is super simple for your friends to also be cashiers using their own phones.  We make it simple for you to work as a team during the event.  You simply need to invite your friends to your TallySheet event.  Let’s walk through how easy it is to invite and connect additional cashiers to your event.

Step 1: Invite a New Cashier

Touch the Invite a New Cashier button on the Event page within TallySheet.

Step 2: Send an Invite

TallySheet will prompt you to send an invite.  We recommend sending a text message.  It is quick and easy.


Step 3: Connect

Your friend will get a text message with a link.

When they touch the link they will see a page that prompts them to connect.  If they don’t have the app we will redirect them to the right App Store so they can install it.

Once they are connected they will see the event in their list of events.  At this stage, they can checkout customers and keep up with the reports.  How simple is that?

Additional resources for running garage sales:

Enjoy and have fun!!

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