How do I add sellers?

Sellers are the people who are selling items at your sale.

To add sellers touch “Sellers” on the navigation bar. Then touch the “Add a New Seller” link at the bottom left.

You can also add new sellers on the Starter Cash or Checkout screens by touching the “Add a New Seller” link at the bottom left.

You can edit a seller by selecting them here.  You can also edit a seller on Starter Cash and Checkout Choose Seller pages.  You simply swipe to the left and you will see an edit option appear.  You can make changes and stay in the flow.

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  • Laura said : How do you delete a seller? July 16, 2018 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : Great question, the answer is that you can't delete a seller yet. We have it in our backlog and will address it in the future. For now, just ignore the seller or rename them. July 17, 2018 | Reply
  • Carol said : Do you have to pay to add sellers? August 31, 2020 | Reply
    • Brian Anderson said : No, by default the event organizer is added as the only seller. You don't have to include any other sellers if you don't want to. August 31, 2020 | Reply